How to Use a Brand Mood Board

If you’ve spent more than 5 seconds looking at my Instagram feed you will see that I am a big fan of a mood board. As a brand & web designer, they are a huge part of my day to day work and something I love to create for every project I work on.

The way I use a mood board is to connect with the brands I work with and to make sure our values are totally in line to make sure our project together runs smoothly. However, I personally think everyone should create a mood board for their own brands for a number of reasons.

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10 Quick Website Tweaks to Help Your Business Grow

Your website acts as the main advert for your business and we all know by now how important it is to make it work to book clients, make sales and generally run your business. But, I get it, sometimes when you are working on things for your business or projects for clients, your website can become a little neglected and you can forget to make updates.

Well, today I have pulled together a few really quick tweaks that you can do if you have a spare few minutes which will streamline your website and make sure it is working as hard as possible for you and your business.

I am a huge advocate for working on big projects in little chunks so some of these tweaks will take you five minutes and be done, others may take a bit longer but they can also work if you break them into chunks (working on one page at a time or a section at a time). The main thing is you can work on these when you have a spare minute.

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How Good Design Can Get You Clients & Improve Your Sales

Have you ever bought a pair of shoes from a gorgeous looking brand? Or worked with a wonderful creative who had an amazing website? Chances are you were pulled in by the power of good design.

Ok, I’m a little biased as a designer, but trust me when I say that good design is not just making your business look pretty. It is a powerful marketing and sales tool that, when used properly, can propel your business and draw in dream clients and fab customers.

In my five years working alongside amazing creative women on the businesses that they built from scratch, I have seen their wildest dreams come true by utilising a clever combination of beautiful and purposeful design (and a lot of hard work on their part!)

So why is good design so important? And how exactly can it boost your business?

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The Importance of Brand Discovery for DIY Design

A huge part of my process when I’m working with clients on their brands is the brand discovery stage. It seems like it would be more productive to save time with the research and just start designing, however, I would always recommend doing a bit of brand discovery first, especially if you’re designing for yourself.

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My Word & Intentions for 2019

Welcome back to the Gatto blog and my first post of 2019, hopefully of many! Or at least more than last year but it shouldn’t be difficult to beat a grand total of 6. I want to start off 2019 with a bang by talking about how I plan on setting goals for myself this year and what this means for me, my business and my life.

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How I Made Five Figures In A Month (And Why You Should Ignore Me)

A bit of a personal post from me today and one which I’ve been flipping between writing or keeping locked up inside and that is because it is to do with the taboo subject of money.

A quick disclaimer: I’m happy to talk about money but I know it’s a tricky subject for some people. Feel free to click away from this post if it makes you uncomfortable.

Money is something which I am constantly trying to talk about more with friends and family and also publicly on my podcast. No, it’s not because I’m a nosy beggar (I promise), it’s because it is something which is becoming more and more important in this landscape of small business, freelancers and multi-hyphenated career paths.

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