Meet Cat

Hi, I'm Cat, the designer and owner behind Gatto. 

I decided to start Gatto (which is Spanish for Cat and not anything to do with cake) in 2015 after feeling unfulfilled with my work life and have never looked back. My passion is creating beautiful branding and design and helping other creatives launch their dreams.

I will generally be found in coffee shops behind my laptop but when I'm not designing, I spend time with my puppy and office assistant, Toby, watch crime documentaries, cover my house in fresh flowers and eat M&Ms. 


My Story

Creativity has always ran through me from making pasta collages and ink printings as a small child to doing Art and Photography subjects at school. But the pressure of doing a typical 'academic' subject lead me to take Maths at university which was never a natural fit. Subsequently, I finished with absolutely no idea where to go next.

After exploring the realm of digital marketing and SEO (basically the only job I could get my hands on), I became interested in the design side of the websites I was working with and started creating my own websites in my spare time. The creative spark that left me in university returned in shed loads and fuelled my spare time hobby of building designs and logos for bloggers. I taught myself how to code and spent every spare minute I had doing online design courses and practicing everything design.

After three unsatisfying jobs and two unexpected redundancies, I decided to try my luck in the world of running my own business in something I really wanted to do, design. I instantly loved being my own boss and creating my own work load and wanted to grow my business into something that would sustain me and make me happy for the long term. 

My business grew and fuelled my passion for creativity, design and working with other bosses. After spreading my services between various platforms and many different walks of life, I decided to cut down to what I truly loved to do so I can give the best that I can offer. The gatto of today is all about beautiful branding and design on a platform I enjoy working with so every day is a joy.