How to Get Design Clients E-Book

How to Get Design Clients E-Book


Have you started your own design business but struggling to get those dreamy client enquiries rolling in? We’ve all been there! Starting out without any guidance can be really tricky which is why I’ve put all of my experience into this e-book.

I’ve spent the last couple of years with clients booked at least a couple of months in advance by using methods which I’ve tried and tested hundreds of times.

In this guide and workbook you’ll learn:

  • How to nail your signature design style

  • How to create easy to buy design services

  • How to streamline your process to reduce stress

  • How to price your work so you earn what you want to

Along with over 50 pages of valuable information, I have also included some easy to follow worksheets so you can keep up with the chapters and cater the advice specifically to your business.

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