Hannah Louise Fashion is a UK based fashion, style, beauty, lifestyle, and a bit of everything else blog based in London. The blog focuses on Hannah’s personal style and outfit posts, but also includes thoughts on fashion, beauty, events, travel, food, music and more. 


Hannah wanted to refresh her website design with something stylish and minimal to show off her excellent photography but also highlight her writing. 

Hannah Louise F Website Design | Gatto Branding | Creative Business Squarespace 


Bethany Baker is a graphic design student currently studying at MMU where she creates beautiful designs and also spends her time on incredible side projects that keep her busy.


Bethany wanted to create an online portfolio which she could use to showcase her work post-graduation. As a designer herself, she already had an amazing design planned so I just helped with the website build using my favourite platform, Squarespace. 

Bethany Baker Website Design | Graphic Design Portfolio | Branding & Web | Creative Business


Elizabeth Burgi is an excellent wedding and commercial photographer based in California. Her work is natural and bright and every photo is happy in a different way. 

The Project

Elizabeth wanted a more portfolio style of website to showcase her photography and separate it into categories so readers can see her various talents. Her branding was already created so I worked with a vibrant colour scheme and beautiful logo.

Elizabeth Burgi Photography Website Design | Creative Business | Branding & Web Creation


May is 24 year-old dietetic intern and Master’s of Business Administration candidate based in Chicago. Nutrition Happens is a nutrition, lifestyle, and wellness blog where she shares her definition of a healthy lifestyle. 


I was instantly inspired by May's photography which included some amazing shots of May at work and I knew we had to include these as much as possible. She wanted to include some gold accents along with minimal black and white design.

Nutrition Happens Website Design | Gatto Creative Studio | Branding & Web Design | Creative Business


Established in 2011, Melissa Morgan Designs is the dream of Melissa Morgan, a creative bride who discovered a talent for making beautiful bridal adornments and hasn't looked back!

Melissa Morgan Designs create beautiful bespoke bridal adornments and fashion jewellery.


Melissa wanted a new look for her jewellery business with two looks - one for her handcrafted jewellery and another for her bridal accessories. Both sides of the business had to have a cohesive style but with each being distinct. 

Mood Board & Colour Palette

Melissa's mood board inspiration was put together on Pinterest and the main focus seemed to be a mix of black, greys, blush pink and a hint of gold foiling - all of which I thought would be amazing together and I wanted to include within the brand. 

Primary & Secondary Logos

Melissa preferred a handwritten style of text to show the handcrafted side of her business and also to look more whimsical and quirky, some of the values seen in her products. 

The first logo with the gold circle border is made for the handmade jewellery side, whereas the pink watercolour style is a bit softer and feminine for the bridal side. A third style with Melissa's initials is made as a simple mark which can be used for watermarks or as a subtle nod to the brand. Also, all logos were required to be fit for stickers to use on packaging which is why we stuck with a circular shape throughout.

Overall, the logo's are all consistent but each can be used for the different purpose they serve.


Adrienne Clements is the Integrative Psychotherapist and Relationship Counsellor behind Head + Heart Therapy. She works with couples and families to create plans to heal and create resiliant futures. 


We created a collaborative mood board full of bright colours, meditation and relaxation, all of which conveyed Adrienne's brand values. The colour palette and logo design flowed from these ideas and we created social media graphics and business cards.

Primary & Secondary Logo Options

The inspiration behind the logos of course came from the name name ‘Head & heart’. Adrienne wanted an illustration that could represent the brand as a stand alone without the name. I created a simple line drawing illustration to showcase a head transforming into a heart. This reflects the idea of the business, to connect people with their feelings to help heal themselves and their relationships. The primary and secondary logos mean the brand can transition onto any platform, with the choice to use just the illustration as a stand alone simple, bold statement logo, or the complete title logo for the more formal needs. We also decided to add an element to the logo with overlapping shadows using all the brand colours for the option of a more vibrant logo when necessary. 

Mood Board & Colour Scheme

Adrienne’s moodboard inspiration was connected with a strong earthy vibe. The colours needed to be consistent with the relaxing feel of the brand, so from there I chose the blue-green hues, with the added touch of a soft peach and more vibrant yellow to catch attention.


Business Cards


Social Media Graphics


Brand Board


Lindsey Holland is the Northern fashion and lifestyle blogger behind Ropes of Holland, a blog dedicated to Scandinavian minimalism and personal style. 


Lindsey wanted a minimalistic website design to match her style and had a Scandi-inspired logo design already created. I wanted to highlight her photography as a focal point and make it easy to click between posts.

Mood Board

Ropes of Holland Branding Mood Board | Gatto Branding & Website Design

Lindsey's inspiration lead to this minimal, Scandinavian mood board design which picks out a dark, dusty peach colour as the focus. For the colour palette, we wanted to use this as an accent colour and then focus on greys, white and black for the rest to keep it as simple as possible.

Branding Board

Ropes of Holland Branding Board | Peach Scandi Minimal Design | Gatto 

Website Design

Ropes of Holland Website Design | Gatto Branding & Web Design | Creative Business | Design Studio


Connie is a Masters student at California State University Los Angeles studying Nutritional Science in addition to the Coordinated Dietetic Program. She is passionate about real food and hopes to show you that eating well and being good to your body doesn't come with a high price or time tag and anyone can make small steps to a healthier life style! 


Connie's personality is bright and happy and I wanted to reflect this in her brand. Her ideas mainly revolved around a peachy/orange colour so this became the main colour and the handwritten font gave everything a personal touch.

Constancely Eating Website Design | Gatto Branding & Web Design | Creative Business | Design Studio


I worked with beauty & lifestyle blogger Nicola on her previous blog, so when she contacted me looking for something more sophisticated and professional, I couldn't wait to help out.


Nicola's inspiration board included soft blues and greys as well as vintage black and white photography from the 60s. This needed to be mixed in with the beauty and lifestyle posts Nicola creates.

Mood board and Colour Palette

Including the highly contrasting black and white photography and the soft blues as mentioned before, we also thought initially that we would include some gold accents which didn't end up in the project. The marbling was a nod to the added sophistication Nicola wanted to include in the branding.


I knew from the start I wanted the initials S + S to be included in the main logo. After a play around with some ideas, I decided using a decorative ampersand is a great way to add interest and a strong brand image to the style of the logo. I also wanted to include the light blue we landed on in the colour palette. I also softened the logo by using a dark grey instead of black which matches some of the matte black and white photography in the mood board. The secondary logos are both circular styles which can be used for stamps, stickers or profile images on social media.

Brand Board