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Five Times You Should Hire a Designer

Whether you are starting a new business or relaunching, there are lots of design related tasks you have to take on. Creating graphics, making a logo, setting up a website and on top of everything, making sure everything is branded correctly to look cohesive and professional. There are so many creative design resources available to help you DIY but at what point do you hire a designer?

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The Best Design Resources for your Small Biz

Regardless of what type of small business you run, chances are you will have to do some design work at some point. Even if you get a branding expert to take care of your logo and branding, a few extra things you may need to thing about are:

  • Social Media Graphics
  • Advertisement banners
  • Website Graphics
  • Media Kits
  • Email newsletters

I’ve put together some of my favourite design resources which are great for designers or just for the design side of your creative business. Design is one of the many hats you have to wear as an entrepreneur and if it isn’t a strong point, any help you can get is a bonus.

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How to Create A Streamlined Process

There are so many steps in working with clients from start to finish. Obtaining the lead, booking the client, scheduling the services and finally the actual service you provide and all of these steps can have 5-10 mini steps involved and cause a lot of stress. Running your own business can be stressful enough!

So how can you make your life easier?

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Six Ways To Use the Squarespace Announcement Bar

The Squarespace Announcement Bar is a great feature on all templates which you can use for various purposes. It sits at the top of your website so will be one of the first things your readers see and any important information can be added into it. You can add linked text, style the bar to match your design and it appears on every page.

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A Break Down of My New Four Week Design Process

As a designer running a creative business, having a specific design process can be one of the most important parts of your day to day life. It can be the main thing that dictates your workload and attract new clients who like the way you work.

When I planned my recent website and business relaunch, something I was desperate to update and streamline was my design process. My previous process was, if I’m being kind to myself, disorganised and if I’m being completely honest, a huge mess. It was an area I had improved in small amounts over the 18 months of being a freelance designer but it still wasn’t completely perfect. I lacked specific deadlines, efficient communication and most importantly an end date which meant projects could be going on for months.

I put all my effort into carefully creating a design process which is a positive experience for both me and my client and something which we can both enjoy and work on together. The process I have landed on and love is a four-week inclusive design block in which all prep and design work is completed.

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