6 Non-Business Things That Are Crucial to My Business

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I could talk all day about the tools which I use for my business or the programmes which make my life easier, but do we have things which are completely crucial to our business but not business related at all?

It could be a good night’s sleep, a big cup of tea, a long lunch break or a morning walk but there are always things which support our business in a way which tools can’t.

Here are my six crucial non-business business little helpers!

My Support System

Behind any solo creative has to be a good support system. There have been countless times when I have felt so alone in this little business of mine and I don’t know what I would have done without the family, friends and even internet people who have picked me back up and made me feel good again. Being confident in your own work is good, but having someone behind you to say you’re doing well is definitely better.

A Good Cup of Coffee

Confession: two years ago I HATED coffee and didn’t understand the hype. Since getting my trusty Nespresso machine, I am a convert and now I can’t get on with my day without a big cup of liquid motivation.  

An Open Working Space

When we moved into our little two bedroom house, I snatched the second bedroom and make it into my office. I added in a desk, some motivational quotes and my desktop computer but something didn’t quite feel right. The room was quite pokey and dark and I couldn’t get myself to do the work I wanted to do. Now, I put myself in the dining room which is the lightest and biggest room in the house and I feel more motivated than ever! Plus, it’s not too bad being right next to the fridge...


Ok, I’m getting a bit woo woo here, but changing my mindset into a more positive one has done wonders for both my business and my life. I used to think I was an unlucky person and found that thinking that brought more bad luck! The more positively I have been thinking, the more positive things have happened (with a pinch of hard work, of course!)

Pen & Paper

In this digital age, it is easy to overlook the power of a good pen and paper. Over the years, I have tried all sorts of apps and online calendars, but starting a bullet journal has completely changed the way I work and I feel more organised than ever. The satisfaction of ticking a box is like no other and I love the freedom of creating pages which work completely for me.


You’ve heard the thing about how getting dressed in the morning can make your day more productive? Well, it is actually kind of true for me. However, I need the comfort and there is no way I am sitting at a desk in jeans all day! Buying some comfy but stylish loungewear has become one of my business staples. Get yourself over to ASOS!


What are the things that are crucial to your business which aren’t business related?

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