Five Blog Photography Tips

Keep it Simple with a White Background

The most popular form of photography in most fashion and beauty blogs is the minimal white background look. This is also massively popular on Instagram, with a lot of people using this theme attracting thousands of followers. This is great for a photography style as it means you can photograph anything and it will look good. The white makes a product stand out and will also look very clean and sleek on most blog designs.

To achieve the look, all you need is a white surface! Either pick up a large sheet of white card from a craft shop or if you prefer something a bit more sturdy, you can easily pick up a white table from Ikea from as little as £5!

Try a Flat Lay

Big fan of Instagram? I'm sure at some point or another you will have come across the #flatlay. This is basically lying whatever you want to photograph on a flat surface and taking the photo from above. Used for anything from the day's make-up to this morning's breakfast, it a great method to showcase whatever is featured in your blog post without having to worry about angles and depth of focus (if you do anyway!).

Pick out the items you want to use and try to make sure they look good together - the more co-ordinated your objects the more composed your photo will look. Also, you can either go with the previous tip and use a white background or mix it up and try a wooden board, patterned paper or even your bed sheets!

Mix it up a Little

It's very easy to get used to one method of blog photography but it's sometimes a bit more interesting for your reader to try a few different things. You don't necessarily have to completely change environment or style but maybe try a different camera angle or a different location. It can get very repetitive if all your photos look the same and also your posts can blend in with each other. Try something new and keep things spicy!

Use Some Props

Your photos can look perfect just using the items you want to include in the post but sometimes you can make things a bit more interesting by using some props. Literally anything can be used and most of the time you can just use things you have picked up around the house! Popular props include cacti/plants, jewellery, washi tape, trays, books, candles and basically anything marble.

If you don't have the budget to splash out on fancy things just for photographs some great places to check out are Primark, H&M Home and Paperchase.

Try Editing Software

Editing can be a scary world for a newbie photographer and sometimes it may be easier to avoid it all together. However, there are new editing methods which are incredibly easy and perfect for blog photos.

Firstly, you may have heard of image editing site Pic Monkey where you can upload and edit your photos using easy options. If you would like something a bit more advanced but don't want to splash the cash, GIMP is a great free alternative to Photoshop. The functions are basically the same (if slightly less sophisticated) but it is perfect for light editing. Lastly, why not use your phone to edit? Now with image sharing easier than ever, it is incredibly simple to edit in a phone app and then transfer to your computer to upload. My favourite photo editing apps are After Light, VSCOCam and Instagram.