My Word & Intentions for 2019

Welcome back to the Gatto blog and my first post of 2019, hopefully of many! Or at least more than last year but it shouldn’t be difficult to beat a grand total of 6. I want to start off 2019 with a bang by talking about how I plan on setting goals for myself this year and what this means for me, my business and my life.

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In the past, I have set myself clear goals and resolutions of things I want to achieve for the years ahead:

  • Make x amount of money

  • Exercise 3 times a week

  • Only spend 1 hour on social media a day

  • Travel to 2 new countries

But for me, they never seem to stick or at least get forgotten about by February…

I’ve always thought have a word to focus on would be too vague. How do I make changes in my life by just thinking about one word? Wouldn’t it work better to create actual resolutions which you can keep in mind and work towards?

On the flip side of things, how do you choose just one word to focus on? There are lots of things I want to work on in a year so surely one word doesn’t cut it?

But by the end of last year, there was one word that was constantly coming up for me as something that I was missing. A word which almost appeared in my mind and came to me itself. The word I am focusing on in 2019 is...


Last year was a tough one for me when it came to balance. I worked on 38 (!) client projects, started planning a wedding, launched a big personal project, travelled as much as possible, continued with my podcast and all the while wondering why I was always tired…

The more I thought about it, the more I thought that it wasn’t just about that old chestnut of work/life balance but it also applied to lots of areas of my life that I can evolve with.

My hope is that by focusing on this one word and planning some intentions around this, I can keep it in mind and see it as a gradual process of growth instead of a set goal which needs to be completed.

Here is how I’m hoping balance will serve me this year and hopefully some things that you could choose to implement too:

Balance between work and personal life

More time off - One thing I actually stuck to last year was becoming a morning person, however starting work at 7am should mean I finish earlier and that just never seems to happen. I would love to work a little bit smarter to help me cut my work hours a bit shorter.

Fewer client projects - Cutting down my client workload with hopefully help me focus on some different areas on my business like creating content, marketing and other ventures. I have already put my client slots into my calendar which will help keep this in place.

Balance within my life

Less pressure to ‘do things’ - My personal life could also do with some improvement when it comes to balance. I often feel a lot of pressure to fill my time ‘doing things’, whether that’s household chores, reading a book, nipping to the shops and all of this stops me from truly switching off. I would love to be able to relax properly without too much running through my mind.

Spending time with the people who make me happy - The creeping burnout I have felt can often stop me from doing things I really want to do. Especially as an introvert, I can get the feeling that being around people will zap my energy but for lots of special people in my life this energy is worth zapping and being around them brings me lots of joy.

Balance within Work

Engaging with community - It’s easy to think that social media is a negative side of business or something that distracts us from ‘important work’. However, some of the best connections I have made have been due to social media and I want to spend more time creating and developing these connections.

Focusing on different areas - I already have a few very exciting plans in place for some launches, content and projects this year and I can’t wait to start working on them. This will mean I need to focus on a few different things at once but will help me create more freedom with what I can work on.

Balanced Thoughts

Over-thinking - Hi, I’m Cat and I am an overthinker. It’s something which can hold me back in many different scenarios, especially when I am overworked and a bit stressed. As something I can now recognise, I’m hoping I can work on trying to think more rationally.

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing my word and aims for the year and I would love to hear yours and how you are setting them! Do you have a word of the year? Or are you more traditional in your goal setting?

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