How to Use a Brand Mood Board

If you’ve spent more than 5 seconds looking at my Instagram feed you will see that I am a big fan of a mood board. As a brand & web designer, they are a huge part of my day to day work and something I love to create for every project I work on.

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The way I use a mood board is to connect with the brands I work with and to make sure our values are totally in line to make sure our project together runs smoothly. However, I personally think everyone should create a mood board for their own brands for a number of reasons:

  • To connect with your brand

  • To get an idea of how your brand should look

  • To make sure everything you create matches

But your mood board can also be used as a tool in your business in many ways. A few of which we’ll discuss in this post.

First Thing’s First!

If you haven’t got one already, you need to create your own brand mood board! Luckily for you, I’ve created a fun five-day free email course to take you through the process of learning your values, finding visual inspiration and crafting a beautiful and intentional mood board for your business.

Sign up here to create your mood board before we find out how you’re going to use it. I’ve included some examples from past ‘Create Your Own Mood Board’ students in the post so you can see what you could create yourself!

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    Inspiration for Your Own Products

    With your own branded mood board, you can use this as a reference point for any products you create within your business. This way you can make sure everything you make will be branded and line up with your business.

    Alternatively, when you have an idea for a new product or line, you can start a new mood board from scratch to use as inspiration for a full collection. Hannah from Cairn & Grace uses her mood boards to inspire her beautiful prints which you can see through each collection.


    Reconnecting with your Business

    Creating a mood board is a very interactive experience. I always recommend doing some research into your brand values and brand sweet spot (link to post) before creating your mood board and you then dive into visual inspiration and pulling together what fits with your business.

    Going through this in-depth experience can be a great way to reconnect yourself with your brand if you were feeling disconnected or confused before.


    Visual storytelling to connect with your audience

    As mood boards are such a visual treat, they are an amazing way to pull together multiple mediums and use them as a storytelling tool. You are basically finding images, patterns or flourishes that match up with a certain mood (hence the name!) and this can be a great way to connect with your audience.

    Ruth from Cawligraphy creates a monthly mood board to show the kind of work she wants to create in that time and involve her audience in the process.


    Your Brand Style Guide

    A perfect use for your mood board is to turn it into your own brand style guide. A style guide is a document where you have all the elements of your brand so you can turn to it when you create graphics, add to your website or want to create anything that is in line with your brand.

    Julia from The Independent Girls Collective made the perfect mood board which totally matches with her brand so she can use it as a reference point for anything she makes for her business.


    Want to Create Your Own Mood Board?

    I've created an easy five day free email course to take you from inspiration to mood board with handy guides and templates!