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How to Create A Brand Mood Board

Creating your brand is the first step when it comes to creating a recognisable and sustainable business. Your brand image can define your client base, your work load and the message you portray so it is important to get it right as soon as you can. A large part of your branding is the image side of things, your logo, colour palette and design elements and these things can be tricky to come up with.

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A Break Down of My New Four Week Design Process

As a designer running a creative business, having a specific design process can be one of the most important parts of your day to day life. It can be the main thing that dictates your workload and attract new clients who like the way you work.

When I planned my recent website and business relaunch, something I was desperate to update and streamline was my design process. My previous process was, if I’m being kind to myself, disorganised and if I’m being completely honest, a huge mess. It was an area I had improved in small amounts over the 18 months of being a freelance designer but it still wasn’t completely perfect. I lacked specific deadlines, efficient communication and most importantly an end date which meant projects could be going on for months.

I put all my effort into carefully creating a design process which is a positive experience for both me and my client and something which we can both enjoy and work on together. The process I have landed on and love is a four-week inclusive design block in which all prep and design work is completed.

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