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How I Plan My Blog Posts with Asana

One of my favourite tools to use in my creative business is Asana, a project management tool which I use for client projects, day to day tasks and even personal to dos. Although I use it across most areas of my business, today I’d like to focus on how I use Asana to manage my content calendar for blog posts.

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How to Beef Up Your Blog Posts

Blogging for your business can be a great way to build a community, offer knowledge and share exclusive insights to what you do every day. But how can you make the most of your posts? Your content can be the most amazing but you can add even more value by “beefing them up”.

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How to Create a Content Calendar and Stick to It

One of the best tools you can have for your business is a blog. Blogging shows your expertise, draws people to your website and gives your business a voice. But blogging can be difficult to keep up with alongside all the other jobs you need to complete as a business owner. The one way I have found to consistently post blogs is to create a content plan.

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5 Must Have Blogger Tools

Blogging is a tricky business. Write a post and then go? We wish! People rarely realise the work that goes into the perfect blog post from writing your content, picking the perfect images, scheduling to sharing and then planning what's next. We use a number of tools to make sure we are on top of everything blog-related and want to share our favourites with you to help you streamline your blogging activities. Here are our top 5 to get you started.

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The Ultimate Guide To Twitter Chats

As a blogger, the best way to increase your following and readership is to network with other bloggers and creatives similar to yourself. Aside from going to events and meet-ups, a great way to do this is to join in with Twitter chats. You don't even have to leave your house! There are now quite a few to join in to pick which ones are best for you and get chatting.

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