How To Sell Your Creative Digital Product

Not all creatives have a physical product idea to put to market. Creating digital products is increasingly popular and it is now easier than ever to create, list and sell a product right from your laptop. Selling digital goods such as e-books, printable files, stock photography and creative templates can not only provide a hassle free hobby, but also a healthy income. Let's have a look at some of the best platforms to use for selling your creative digital product.

01 / Shopify with Digital Downloads

One of the most popular online shop platforms, Shopify, can provide you the tools to sell a digital product as well as physical goods. One of our platforms of choice includes an App called Digital Downloads which makes it incredibly easy to attach your digital files to a product and emails them to your customer. Although you pay a fee to use Shopify, Digital Downloads is a free app with variable download limits and customisable email templates.

02 / Etsy

A well known website for handmade and crafted goods, many people don't realise that Etsy also offers sellers the option to sell a digital product. Part of the listing includes a Digital Files section which is sent over to buyers as soon as their purchase is complete. Etsy provides a wide audience of customers who enjoy the creative side of life. Their bestsellers include printable wall art, stationary and website themes.

03 / Facebook

Even if you use Facebook for business, you may not realise the potential it has for selling your product. Integrating a Facebook store on your page can help people who like your page get to your product quickly without even leaving the page. There are various applications you can use to do this, including Shopify, which means you can make your digital download easier to find, share and advertise on social media.

04 / Creative Market

Most creative people will have heard of and visited this marketplace full of design content made by creatives around the world. You may not realise that you too can create a shop and list goods with them. A huge benefit to this is reaching the wide audience of creatives who flock to Creative Market on a regular basis. The most popular products include fonts, digital mockups and logo templates.

05 / Wordpress with Woocommerce

Finally, a massively popular platform used for selling is Woocommerce on Wordpress. Giving huge flexibility to the user by using a Wordpress website and the Woocommerce platform, this is perfect for adding your digital product to and existing or new website. You get various options including download limits, expiration dates and even a combination of digital and physical goods.

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