My Goals for 2018

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Well that one went fast, didn’t it? I’m astonished that we are already in 2018 and I am at the point where I am setting goals for the year ahead.

Last year, I struggled with my yearly goals because I knew that a lot had to change in my business and also in my life and couldn’t quite put my finger on what those things were. This year, this in my business and life are going much better so I have a better understand of what I need to tweak to maintain the positives and even improve.

Business Goals


Reduce Working Hours

2017 was the year of the hustle. I pivoted and re-launched my business, I worked with more clients than ever and I took on a bit more than I could handle. Now I have my business in a good place, I would love to step back and try and make more space for myself. Giving myself weekends off was the best decision I have ever made and I am going to try to extend this to Fridays as well.

The extra time may not necessarily be spent in pyjamas in front of Netflix (although this may be an option) but also working on personal projects and things which are exciting to me.


Create More Content

Since launching my podcast, The Creative Leap back in October, my other content creation has unfortunately fallen away. I would love to start writing more blog posts and newsletter and creating more free content for my Freebies Library. Content is always the thing that I let slip when I am busy but it is something I would like to put as more of a priority this year.


Diversify Income

I absolutely love what I do in my business - designing for clients is my greatest passion and I’m so pleased I get to do it every single day. However, I would love to explore a few different income streams potentially in the areas of premium design resources, workshops or even events.

Personal Goals


Expand My Knowledge

Since University, my brain power has been taken up by setting up and then running my business. Although I have managed to increase my knowledge through that in my own industry, I haven’t managed to learn anything new or create any different skills. I would love to be able to read more books which cover different topics or take up a new and interesting hobby.


Travel More

I have always loved travelling and exploring new place and I’m hoping this year is the year which I am able to do this more. I already have one trip booked for the end of January and I would love to visit somewhere new at least every other month. Flights and AirBnb’s are now so accessible that I don’t have an excuse not to!


Support Friends & Family

For the past year, I have taken up a lot of space for myself and not been able to break out of my own personal bubble as much as I would like to. 2018 will be the year that I give more of myself to the people I love to help them explore new hobbies, start new ventures and be supported in the way they supported me.

Other Goals


Switch Off Digitally

Here comes something which I have tried to do desperately for a while but always fail at. Looking at my phone constantly has become such a problem that I have even noticed that I struggle to keep my concentration if I’m just watching a film or cooking dinner. Spending the whole day in front of the laptop is something which I have to do so I would like to spend less time on my phone and more time reading books.


Simplify Things

This year was the year I discovered the bullet journal and did away with having hundreds of notebooks and journals scattered around my office. Simplifying my organisation to just the bullet journal (with the support of my online calendar) really gave me a bit more clarification and helped me see that less truly is more.

I would love to simplify other areas of my life whether that’s getting rid of unused subscriptions, streamlining my schedule or even owning a few less things.


Don’t Obsess Over Goals

Well there’s a contradiction! But last year, I set myself goals which were too high or even completely unachievable and missing out of targets can really blur any successes along the way. Although I am going to set goals for each month, I don’t want them to take over my life and instead be gentle reminders of what I want to focus on.

Do you have goals for 2018 that you want to keep? Or are you happy to continue on the habits you set last year? Let’s keep each other accountable with whatever it is we want to achieve!


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