My September Gatto Goals

It’s September already, I can’t be the only person who thinks this year is going way too quickly. It’ll be Christmas before we know it! (I’m obsessed with Christmas so I’m fine with that). This month ahead is full of amazing design projects, an exciting personal project and the thing I am most excited for, my first holiday of the year!

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August Recap

So, a quick look back on August, my monthly goals weren’t as successful as July’s but I made at least a start on all of them so I can’t complain!

First, the completed goals, I created my updated business cards using the amazing service at MOO and I also managed to get some thank you cards to send clients and I love all of them! I also managed to set up a designer mastermind with three other inspirational female designers and I can’t wait to get it up and running properly. I’m hoping for monthly video chats so we can offer support and share our business goals.

One of my aims was to create a workflow in Dubsado which is something I had been putting off because I thought it would be too complicated. Turns out, it is so much easier than I thought and I managed to set up my workflow for my full branding and website design package. The next step is actually putting it to use and I plan to put it into action for my next client!

Finally, was to implement some SEO practices to my website. This is the one thing that slipped past me and didn’t get completed. I have however done the research into this so I just have to put some time aside to make the changes!

September Goals

Consistent Blogging

My blogging schedule has slipped down my list of priorities over the past couple of months as my client workload has increased and other things have become more important. I would like to get back to a consistent schedule and post at least one blog a week. I have a good plan in place so I just need to stick to it!

Wind Down Completely

As I mentioned earlier in the post, this month I have my first holiday as me and my boyfriend will be jetting off to Italy for two weeks. Excited is an understatement and I can’t wait to have some relaxing time where I completely switch off. My biggest aim is to make sure I don’t think about work at all and give myself time away. I might even leave my laptop at home!

Set Up Personal Project

I’ve been not very subtle-y hinting at a personal project I am working on over the past few weeks and although it’s all top secret at the moment (I know, very annoying!) I’m hoping to at least be able to share some details soon, if not launch the whole thing!

Plan to Diversify Income

Now my schedule is being consistently booked up with design clients, I’d love to try and branch out and try other areas of passive income. It would be great to have another area to work on and to make sure my income is as consistent as possible which is so important as a business owner. Some areas I’ve been looking into are creating a course, premade design templates or maybe even design workshops.

What are your goals for September? How did you get on last month? Let me know in the comments!

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