How to Increase Newsletter Sign Ups from Your Website

It is now widely known that having a mailing list is the best way to gather your followers in one place and make sure you can keep hold of their details even if other platforms shut down. It is a great way to keep in touch with readers, send offers, advertise services and provide exclusive information targeted towards people who are specifically interested in your business.

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Getting people to subscribe should be a priority on any website as this is where people go to find your information and can sign up if they want more from you and your business.

But how can you gather subscribers directly from your website? With new and interesting ways to add newsletter forms in many different places, what are the best ways to entice people to sign up to your list?

Pop up

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A classic and easy way to grab email addresses from website readers is to add a pop up sign up form to your website. Although they can sometimes be seen as annoying, there are now a number of ways to add a pop up without interrupting the user experience and getting in the way. For example, you can add an ‘exit pop up’ which only appear when your reader is detected to be leaving your website or add a small slide in form at the side of the page or at the bottom.

However, be careful with your pop up settings. Some forms can now be penalised by Google which can affect your search ranking. Make sure you add a delay of a few seconds and an easy way to exit the form and this should prevent any penalties!

Interactive Quiz

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Adding an interactive quiz to your website adds and interesting and fun way to capture readers’ emails and can also demonstrate your expertise in the area of your business. Using tools such as Interact, you can create a quiz on whatever topic you like (they also give you some highly converting examples!) and then whoever completes the quiz needs to add their email address to receive their answer.

On top of this, you can add different call to actions for each answer to your quiz, and sign users up to different list depending on what answer they come up with. For example, on my Branding & Website Audit quiz, if someone’s answer indicates that they are unhappy with their design, I could add them to my design sales list to convert them to clients!

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Resources Library

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An amazing way to convince people to sign up to your mailing list is to give them something in return such as a workbook, graphic or template. A really easy way to give freebies to subscribers is to create a resources library page on your website. This means you can create free resources regularly and subscribers always have access to them without signing up multiple times. It also keeps all of your resources organised in one place and you can keep track of what you are giving away.

The best way to add a resources library is to create a password protected page on your website and add links to all the freebies on this page. When people sign up to your mailing list, you can send them an automatic email with a link to the page and the password which they can access at any time.

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Announcement Bar

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An amazing way to show some new information is to add an announcement bar to the top of your website. This can include advertising your newsletter by offering an opt in incentive, resources library or teasing what you will receive when signed up to the mailing list. The announcement bar can be made bold and bright so it is the first thing people see when they reach your website which is likely to draw people to sign up.

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How do you get newsletter subscribers from your website?

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