How to Beef Up Your Blog Posts

Blogging for your business can be a great way to build a community, offer knowledge and share exclusive insights to what you do every day. But how can you make the most of your posts? Your content can be the most amazing but you can add even more value by “beefing them up”.

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Adding extra information to your posts can increase views, reduce your bounce rate and keep your readers interested! All of these things can be great for your business and may even gain you a few clients!

So how can you beef them up? I have a few ideas below which I use for ALL of my posts.

Related Posts

If someone has clicked on your post, they are definitely interested in the type of content they are reading. So they will almost certainly be interested in content which is similar to that post. You can keep them on your blog by adding related posts within your content.

If you have written a paragraph about something which is similar to another post you have written, add a ‘You May Also Like: …” link below the paragraph. You could also refer to other posts within your content and link to them there. Not only will this reduce your bounce rate, it can boost your SEO through internal links.

Free Relevant Resources

Nothing gets people excited like a freebie! And most blog posts can be backed up by some sort of free content whether that is an e-book which expands on the blog post, a cheat sheet with snippets of information or a helpful infographic which can be shared on social media.

Creating the extra freebie can take quite a bit more time, but it will make people more likely to click on your posts as they want as much value as possible from their click. Also, if you set it up right, you can give the freebie in exchange for a newsletter sign up which helps to build your mailing list too – bonus!

Newsletter Sign Up

Following on from the free resources is a newsletter sign up. Even if you don’t add an extra resource to your post, you can add a simple sign up form which entices people to sign up to your newsletter. You need to remind readers of your opt in forms as much as possible and your blog posts are a great place to add them in!

Make sure you include some sort of incentive for people to sign up such as weekly newsletters, a resource library or exclusive offers so everyone knows what they are signing up for!

Extra Pinnable Images

If you use Pinterest to promote your latest blog posts, you probably already create a graphic to accompany your post. What you may not do is add extra graphics which can be pinned. For example – different sizes, various designs or infographics. This can be especially helpful if you don’t have many posts and want to get as many pins as possible from each one.

You can even hide the posts using the little CSS snippet below so you don’t have too many images in one post.

<div style="display:none"><img src="IMAGE URL"/></div>

Latest Posts Carousel

Once someone has finished reading your post, where do they go next? You don’t want them to click the little ‘x’ on your website tab, you want them to consume as much of your content as possible. To give your reader some options, you can add links to your latest posts at the bottom of the post to tempt them into clicking and reading what you have written in the past.

In Squarespace, you can add a Summary Carousel block or for Wordpress, find a Related Posts plugin which will automatically show in your post footer.

Sharing Buttons

Once someone has finished reading your post and they LOVE it, what next? You don’t want them to just leave without shouting about it. Give people the option to share the post with others by adding some social media sharing buttons on your post. This way, people can talk about your blog on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest in just one click! Easy peasy.

How do you add extra value to your blog posts? Let me know in the comments!

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