The Best Design Resources for your Small Biz

Regardless of what type of small business you run, chances are you will have to do some design work at some point. Even if you get a branding expert to take care of your logo and branding, a few extra things you may need to thing about are:

  • Social Media Graphics

  • Advertisement banners

  • Website Graphics

  • Media Kits

  • Email newsletters

I’ve put together some of my favourite design resources which are great for designers or just for the design side of your creative business. Design is one of the many hats you have to wear as an entrepreneur and if it isn’t a strong point, any help you can get is a bonus.

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Creative Market is the home of the graphics template. Whatever you need a template for, Creative Market will have it available and always with a huge variety of styles. The designers who list products are incredible and the work you get is always of excellent quality and with instructions which are easy to follow.

Although don’t reduce them to just templates, other areas of expertise are fonts, presets, stock photo packs and illustrations. Plus, if you sign up to their newsletter you get six personally selected freebies a week - what’s not to love!


Photos are a big selling point for your business and a lot of people don’t have the time to dedicate to taking lots of photos for their website or graphics, so where do we turn? To stock photos! There are loads of great stock photo websites out there but a favourite of mine is Picfair.

The images on Picfair are taken and edited by some incredible photographers and are all individually picked to make sure they are the best quality. Best of all the style of photos is modern and authentic which is something that lacks in many other stock photo websites.


It is frustrating when you know what you want to do but don’t have the skills to do it. This is especially true when it comes to design. You can have Photoshop, Illustrator and all the resources in the world but this doesn’t necessarily mean you can complete the task at hand or to use a favourite quote of mine “All the gear but no idea”

If you want to get the idea, teach yourself! My favourite online learning resource is Skillshare as they have amazing user-lead courses in a huge range of skills. All you have to do is have a quick scan through their classes list to see you can teach yourself basically anything you want to from Surface Pattern Design to Video Marketing. And if you’re feeling confident you can share your own skills by teaching a class yourself!


Have you tried programs such as Photoshop and find them too complicated? Let me introduce you to your new best friend, Canva. Everything I listed at the top of this page can be created on Canva either from scratch or using a template from their library of thousands. You can also edit images and use their selection of icons.

Graphics-wise, there are few limits to what you can create in Canva and with their premade sizes to fit various uses, font selection and endless templates it is easy to create something beautiful in no time!


It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a font nerd. I regularly post my favourite typefaces on Instagram and picking fonts is one of my favourite parts of the design process. Typewolf is a website I visit regularly for font inspiration and updates.

They offer advice about the best font pairings, where to find the best free fonts and websites which put fonts to use in the best possible way. If you need any font related advice, this is the place you need to be.

Adobe Kuler Color Wheel

It can be easy to get confused by colour when designing your own graphics. How many colours do you use? Do these colours match? Does this stand out enough? Here to your rescue is the Adobe Colour Wheel which creates a colour scheme for you.

Based on your selection of a Color Rule (Monochromatic, Complementary, Shades etc.) you can drag and drop the colour wheel selector to create the perfect group of colours. As well as this, it lets you upload an image and creates a colour scheme based on that image. Give it a go, I’m sure you’ll never look back!

Which design resources do you use in your business?

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