Why It's OK To Outsource As A Solopreneur

As a solopreneur, your job is not restricted to one job title. You are a social media manager, copywriter, photographer, designer, accountant and the list goes on and on. Running your own small biz can turn you into a control freak in the best possible way and we like to make sure every area of the business is running smoothly on our own terms. I know what it’s like to be precious over my own business baby!

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

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It’s sometimes hard to admit that you need help with something you’ve started yourself from scratch, but getting the help you need and outsourcing certain areas of your business can make you a better business owner and, more importantly, a happier business owner.

You Can Avoid Burnout

Giving yourself every single task to do can mean you end up working bottomless hours including late nights and busy weekends. The extra tasks may seem small but can take hours and hours and if you end up working these extra hours, it can lead to burnout.

Six months ago, I was spending a full day at the weekend scheduling my social media – something which was not a strength of mine and so took a very long time. Working a Sunday became part of my routine and made me completely miserable. Once I bit the bullet and got someone to help with social media, I had my Sundays back and felt much more motivated to work during the week.

There Are Only so many hours in the day

Most freelancers have worked out their schedule and how many hours they want to work a week. I try my best to work a ‘normal’ working week which is Monday to Friday between the hours of 9-5. Bearing in mind a normal business has a full team of people who work these hours and do the same work, I generally find there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done and some things which aren’t high priorities get left behind.

More Time to Focus on the things you love

Although I do lots of different types of work, I am a designer and so I want to be spending the bulk of my time designing and doing the work that I love. If I add the extra tasks to my workload, the time I have designing is significantly reduced and my focus becomes blurred.

Everyone Has Different Expertise

People who run their own service based business are experts in that industry. If you were to hire an expert to help you with something that is a weakness for you, this can only help your business go from strength to strength.

And here are five people who you can hire to help you out:

Virtual Assistant

This area of expertise is something I have only recently discovered and can be an amazing investment and help for your business. Virtual Assistants offer a huge range of services but the main ones are answering emails, scheduling appointments and arranging client work. Think personal assistant but online.

Lots of VA’s can also help with necessary tasks such as scheduling social media, creating graphics, writing blog posts. If you are considering hiring a VA, have a look what services they offer and make sure this matches up with the tasks you would like to delegate.


Ever feel like you’d like to clone yourself to get some of the more simple, everyday tasks done? A possibility is hiring a junior to help with smaller bits of work and give them experience in a field they want to work in.

I currently work with a Junior Designer who helps me with little bits like creating blog graphics, social media graphics and any little bits which are important and take up a lot of time.


Creating your own designs can take a long time and it is hard to design something for yourself. Even as a designer, I find that my most difficult client is myself. I am always trying to change something or improve my ideas and it becomes an endless process.

Hiring a designer generally means you will be happier with the end result and you will spend less time (and money) making sure your branding and website is perfect.


I don’t mind admitting that one of my weaknesses is writing content for my website. I find it as hard as I did writing my CV, I just cannot sell myself! Copywriters are not just excellent at writing content either for your website or blog posts, they can also improve your SEO which will ultimately benefit your business.


Finances… ugh. Is there any other reaction? As I mentioned in a previous post, in my first year of business I basically ignored this aspect of my business which ended up in several late nights before the tax return deadline.

Accountants can help with your tax return but they also offer several great services to help you out from financial advice to keeping track of your finances for you. Having your bank balance looked after can be a huge weight off your shoulders and give you peace of mind so you can get on with making the money!

Have you ever hired someone to help you with your business? How did it help you with your day to day workload?

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