My 2017 Winner's Speech

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Let’s start off with a little disclaimer. You may be reading the title and thinking, “Tell me Cat, what have you won and why do you need to do a speech?”. Well reader, let me explain. This year, 2017, has been one of the best of my life so far...


I re-launched the business of my dreams and created a sustainable life for myself.

I curated my relationships with the people that surround me and truly value every person in my life.

I beat the health issues that have bugged me since childhood so they are now a small thought in the back of my mind.

I made a home for myself in a house which I own with my partner and our puppy.

I launched a podcast which has been so much more popular that I ever imagined.

I improved my confidence in my own abilities by running workshops, lecturing at a university and travelling the country to meet interviewees.

I worked with so many incredible women who I have helped push themselves and their own businesses to the next level.


So, yeah, I kinda feel like I won 2017. My heart is full of happiness, contentment and ambition for the next big thing and I have a few people to thank...


To my Partner in Crime who is my rock and supported me through a tough few months of ups and downs. I hope the struggles can help us build the best future for ourselves and we can continue to make each other better people.

To the Creative Friend who constantly encouraged me to push my creative boundaries and believe in my own talents. You inspire me every day and there is nothing I wouldn’t support you with.

To the Practical Friend who kept me on the right path and rebuffed my irrational fears with logic. You have always been my cheerleader and I’ve got my pom poms out for your incredible year ahead.

To the Big-Hearted Coach who has changed my life in a way which I never expected. I owe a large part of this year’s happiness to your wisdom and encouragement and I’m so glad that I can now call you a friend.

To the Supportive Strangers who I have never met but feel the love from every day. I hope you inspire me to put my fears aside and provide unconditional support in return.

To my Incredible Clients who are the foundation of the business I love and trust my creativity implicitly.

And finally, to everyone reading this post thank you for turning up to support me in whichever way you choose whether it’s clicking on posts, listening to the podcast, looking at my designs or getting in touch. I appreciate every little bit more than you could imagine.

If you’ve had an amazing 2017, or even it hasn’t been too great but you made it through, you’re a winner in my eyes. Who can you thank for picking you up, pushing your boundaries or even just being there?

Here’s to an amazing 2018 reaching your goals, whatever they may be.

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